Jeremy is a founding partner of the Davis Collective, a company specializing in marketing, media and mobilization initiatives. The Davis Collective consists of a team of strategists that partner with organizations and individuals to achieve their goals by leveraging their proven framework – “Dream/Develop/Deploy”. They are, Brand Builders, Content Creators, Movement Makers, and Culture Curators. The Davis Collective turns vision into action and dreams into reality! Whether you are setting a goal, forming a plan, or making it happen, the Davis Collective can help!

We provide strategies for marketing, media, and mobilization!


Looking at your product, pricing, placement, and promotion strategies, allows us to take a holistic view of your marketing plan. From there, we look to prescribe the appropriate game plan that can include any or all the following: media buys, paid placement or key word/SEO, sponsored content, PR, or guerilla marketing.


We know that a picture is worth 1000 words, but captivating visuals about your brand that include video, graphic design, photography, web design and development, are key tools that help you inspire people to your product. We leverage creative pieces and visual content to reinforce your brand and tell your story.


We write and create language that clearly and succinctly articulates who you are, what you’re about, and how your brand or product will positively change how someone interacts with the world. We help you refine/define or create your Mission, vision, and value statements. We want to tell your “origin story”, and inspire people to your brand. 

Marketing Strategist
Media Strategist
Mobilization Strategist

How We Do It: Dream, Develop, Deploy

We apply the “3D” framework to each/ any of your marketing, media, or mobilization strategies.