Jeremy is a SHRM Certified Human Resource Professional, a designation by the Society for Human Resource Management. Through his consulting firm J.A. Davis Solutions, Jeremy and his team supports organizations in their talent and performance management initiatives.

The BRIDGE Between Organizational Leadership Theory and Practical Application

Everyone’s read all the same books, listened to the podcasts, joined the leadership conferences and subscribed to all the blogs… there is no shortage on philosophical information about and around how to lead teams, develop people and set culture for success.

Our mission is to help leaders and organizations who know the “what”, and the “why”, to effectively build a “how solution”. J.A. DAVIS Solutions is committed to creating an intentional, contextualized strategy with the intent in MOBILIZING your team driving towards your mission. 

We take an asset-based strategy, meaning that we inventory your current talent and systemic assets, review your staff and organization’s structure, and audit your current data and measurable outcome strategy, to work in partnership with you to match your people strategy to your goals.

Strategic Support & Holistic Guidance

Building Custom game plans that drive towards your organization’s desired outcomes, through strategic team engagement and development.

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